Pump Controllers & Cables

Pump Controllers & Cables

Wide range of single phase and three phase pump controllers and PVC insulated flat cable for submersible pumping applications. 

Salient Features

  1. Digital Display of Voltage and Current
  2. Rugged powder coated sheet metal enclosure
  3. High quality, branded MCB and Contactor relay inside
  4. Easy assembly and genuine spares for faulty component replacement


  • Dry run protection (In μC version)
  • Overload protection (over current)
  • Over/Under voltage protection
  • Single phase preventer phase imbalance,
  • phase reversal in 3Ph models

Product Range

Sr. No. HP Rating Display (VA) Type of Controllers
1 Up to 2hp Digital MCB & Relay Type
2 Up to 10hp Digital Thermal Overload Relay based