STAINX – Submersible Pump

STAINX – Submersible Pump

  • Use of Superior Quality SS 304 Sheet metal 
  • Pump Grade Stainless Steel can withstand high abrasive Sandy Water and Corrosive environment of Salty water and give same performance for life long
  • High Quality Rubber Bush & Neck Ring are specially provided to reduce the wear due to Sand on the Impeller, Bowl & Shaft
  • NRV to avoid effect of Water Hammer in Pump and prevent Reverse Rotation of Pump
  • International NEMA standard spline coupling ensures smooth operation

Material of Construction



Delivery casing SS AISI 304 / CF8
Diffuser SS AISI 304
Impeller SS AISI 304
Bearing NBR
Neck ring NBR
Strainer SS AISI 304
Coupling SS AISI 304
Suction Interconnector SS AISI 304 / CF8
Upper Thrust SS AISI 304 / NR
Pump shaft SS AISI 431 / 410