200 mm (8”) Water Filled

200 mm (8”) Water Filled

Salient Features

  1. High efficiency and consistent performance
  2. Superior polymer coated/ PVC winding wire to withstand voltage fluctuation
  3. Designed to start at low voltage with appropriate performance
  4. Rotors are treated with special epoxy paint to ensure corrosion resistance
  5. All rotating components are dynamically balanced to ensure long bearing life
  6. and vibration free smooth operation
  7. Heavy duty carbon thrust bearing
  8. Robust construction ensures durability
  9. Top & suction bushes are well protected by sand guard arrangement
  10. Bearing sleeves are hard chrome plated for long life
  11. Built in NRV with minimum friction loss


  • Irrigation of farms / fields
  • Community water supply
  • High rise buildings, housing complex, bungalows
  • Hotels, dairies, cattle and poultry farms
  • Sprinklers

Material of Construction

Motor body Stainless Steel
Bearing housing C I FG 200
Motor shaft SS AISI 410/420/431
Bush bearing Bronze LTB - 4
Stamping Silicon steel
Impeller S S 410
Diffuser C I FG 200
Pump shaft SS AISI 410
Suction housing C I FG 200 / SS*
Bush bearing Nitrile rubber